Network Learning Lab at a glance

- Research, Innovative Development and Education

Network Learning Lab, NLL, is an arena for lifelong learning and competence development. In this activity NLL is a broker between learning orgaizations and higher education institutions. NLL is active in research and development of higher education and learning organizations. NLL is based upon collaboration between professional groups in industry and academia.

Network Learning Lab conducts online formative evaluation (and assessment) in education and in learning organizations by introducing and integrating online formative evaluations for learning in learning environments, e.g. subjects, study programs or projects.

The online formative evaluation is performed in a conceptual network of students, teachers/coaches and an evaluation group focusing on the learning processes. The concept that for short is named "eFormative" is an evaluation FOR learning more than an evaluation OF learning.

"Learning Networks" is a proposal for a bilateral R&D program quality development for learning processes in higher education and in learning organizations.

The proposal founded by the Norwegian Council of Research, project no. 180721, opens for collaboration between Stanford University, Norwegian Universities and industry.